Franchise & License

Graceful Hands 在香港、吉隆坡和台北都已有分校網絡,
不久的將來,將會在更多的亞洲國家看到 Graceful Hands,包括東京、首爾、星加坡等城市。
想要加入 Graceful Hands 國際化的高效系統、營運一盤有效率平穩回報的業務

Graceful Hands Represents The Following Programs and Products


Training Center

Our Asia Headquarters in Hong Kong
Located in West Kowloon, Graceful Hands’ Headquarters covers over 10,000 sq ft of space and is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong. Our Headquarters serves the following functions to the group.

All our franchise partners and their staff members are obliged to take intensive training in our Asia Headquarters. This is crucial for newcomers and ongoing operators to maintain the brand quality and to obtain the most updated educational knowledge. We have our year-round training schedule for our partners to reserve their learning opportunities.

Learning Programs provided by Graceful Hands are all well-tested before releasing to the market. As our burning desire is to bring children the most effective academic result also the most memorable childhood experiences, our curriculum and teaching tools are tested through years to give children our best in order to achieve a promising result.

Graceful Hands believe R&D. We are very strong in developing new trend of learning methods and learning tools to help kids to learn more effectively. Researchers, practitioners, children and professionals meet in the workshop to investigate the relevance of our educational programs. In our PLAY LABORATORY, we study “KIDS PLAY” together in order to explore play and gain new knowledge in the field. We make audio and video recordings in order to keep track of the gained experiences which is subsequently analyzed.

Great Resources We Provide To Our Partners

Allowing Their Staff Members To Get Trained In Our Over 10,000 Sq.ft. Training Center

10,000 Square Feet Training Center
Twinkle Star Hall 星 光 大 會 堂
Mami's Cafe & The Stage Area 媽 咪 茶 座 和 小 小 玩 樂 台
Star Chef Kitchen 小 明 星 廚 房
Toddlers' Paradise 聰 明 寶 寶 天 地
Junior Green Garden 綠 手 指 花 園
If you want to join Graceful Hands’ reliable system to run a promising business and achieve your dream in children education industry, you are welcome to join our team. Graceful Hands has established our branch centers in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, you will soon see Graceful Hands in many other Asian countries including Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore etc.
我們品牌的國際信譽和認可是最佳的保證 參與 Graceful Hands 得到總部的支援下創造成功
Our Partners are joining us for the greatest success, our role is to provide a brand that is well-spread and reputable internationally.
On top of its very spacious size, Graceful Hands’ Headquarters has raised the bar for the entire Hong Kong children’s education industry. There are many R&D Projects that are operating here to support the growth of our partners in different Asian countries.
Our Branch Center in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia
We are very proud to be one of the very few children’s education systems founded in Hong Kong that has been shared with passionate educators in other Asian Counties. Our School in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia offers the same programs to bring valuable learning experiences to children around Asia!
Our Flagship School in Tienmu, Taipei, Taiwan
Located in the most prestigious region of Taiwan – Tiannu, our team is so proud to share our teaching method with families in Taiwan. Graceful Hands Edutainment Clubhouse is the largest children learning center in Taipei and we will soon expand our territories to Taichung, Taoyuen and Kaohsiung.